Nextologies Takes Home Three Awards at NAB Show 2023

Nextologies Takes Home Three Awards at NAB Show 2023

Control Panel, AVDS2, and SDI Player Honored as NAB Show Product of the Year and TV Tech Best of Show Awards

Nextologies LIMITED announced today that its solutions received three awards during the 2023 NAB Show. Nextologies’ Control Panel (CP) software-based video network was recognized with both an NAB Product of the Year and a TV Tech Best of Show award, and AVDS2 and SDI Player were given an NAB Show Product of the Year award for remote production. The industry’s top award programs, NAB Show Product of the Year and TV Tech Best of Show recognize the most significant and promising new products and technologies exhibited at the 2023 NAB Show, which was held April 15-19, 2023 in Las Vegas, Nev.


Designed to solve the problem of interoperability, the updated Nextologies CP software-based video network, which was built and has been used by the company’s internal team for several years, is now available for client use, delivering total visibility and control from origin to delivery point, from space to Earth, anywhere on the planet.

As broadcasters and streamers transition from conventional signal transport methods (satellite and fiber) to public internet and cloud-based operations, the options are endless but so are the complexities. CP is engineered to accelerate digital transformation through flexibility.

Bringing together all hardware, software, data, and analysis into one central platform, CP controls everything within the company’s infrastructure—from transcoding to delivery to encoding—putting all of the different features that one could ever need in a broadcast environment all in one platform. CP enables total visibility of signals from origin to delivery, as well as the ability to analyze and troubleshoot those streams at any point along the way.


The recent years have brought a tidal wave of technological advancements to television, changing both how television is created and distributed, but also how people consume television. As consumers change their habits, the creators and distributors of TV have no other option, if they intend to be successful, to adapt. In this crush of digital transformation pressure, the technologies that have risen to the top as the most valuable for broadcasters and streamers all share one attribute: flexibility. That is the defining characteristic that Nextologies engineers into all its solutions, and the AVDS2 is the perfect example of that engineering philosophy in action.

AVDS2 is a software application that can act as an encoder, decoder, and/or transcoder, making it possible to take any signal in, process it, and output it in any required format. Unlike other solutions on the market, which require hardware, Nextologies’ AVDS2 is software that can be installed onto any server. The AVDS2 is a full framework with a chain of operations in which each type of signal acts as a module in the chain. This creates the flexibility to take in any signal, do the required operations with it, and then output in any required format. Many other video processor applications work in the same way, so this capability is not new: the unique thing delivered by AVDS2 is the ability to do all this without adding new hardware, which means no capital expenditures, no need for additional space and a big bonus as the broadcast and streaming world move toward decentralized and remote operations—the software can be operated remotely from any location. In addition, AVDS2 includes native integration with all of Nextologies’ key services, including automatic closed captions and commercial detection/replacement, SCTE insertion, NexToMeet monitoring, GPU technology support, and QuickSync.

SDI Player

Nextologies has deep experience and expertise in SDI playout and designed the SDI Player to give remote broadcasters the ability to send signals to SDI easily. This solution has one, singular, game-changing capability: to play any signal to an SDI device.

As a multi-module tool, which has a flexible internal chain, the device allows users to switch sources, keep audio/visual sync, output to multiple SDI destinations, and then play the live signal, do a file playout or play slate if no signal is available.

The SDI Player is engineered to provide SDI playout with all the capabilities specifically needed by broadcasters: SCTE insertion, captions, and other vanc data. Also, the SDI Player is a software solution that can be installed on any device, providing the ultimate flexibility without adding the need for cap-ex hardware expenditures or additional rack space.