Nextologies wins TVTech Best of Show award for new remote master control solution at IBC 2023

Nextologies wins TVTech Best of Show award for new remote master control solution at IBC 2023

Nextologies, a leading end-to-end video management solutions provider, is pleased to announce that its NXT-MCR remote master control solution has won in this year’s Best of Show awards at IBC 2023 in the TV Tech category.

The awards recognise the very best broadcast products and solutions on display at the show, with hundreds of products and solutions considered. All entries were reviewed by a panel of industry experts, speakers and editors. Factors taken into account include how diverse and comprehensive our product’s features are; how easy it is to use and how it integrates with other products; its value for money within the market; and how innovative and unique it is within the market.

According to the awards’ editorial team, "This year, we received a record amount of entries and the quality across the board was incredible. Those who won should be extremely proud of their achievement - their product showed true innovation and hugely impressed our judging panel. A well-deserved congratulations from the entire awards team."

"We’re a problem solving company, so our team is always developing new and better ways to solve our clients’ challenges and give them a competitive advantage," says Sasha Zivanovic, CEO, Nextologies. "To have that core part of our company's DNA recognized when one of our solutions wins a Best of Show award is a great honor."

NXT-MCR is a hybrid solution designed to provide a unified remote master control interface for live event production. It orchestrates incoming satellite and/or IP signals, video routers, video switchers, audio coms, video monitoring, scheduling systems and pre recorded files, and generates a downstream feed that's fully loaded with SCTE markers, CCs and all the metadata necessary to distribute the signal to any taker around the world.

"With live events, a series of dependent steps must all go perfectly - signal delivery, routing, switching, monitoring, ad-break coordination, which changes based on what’s happening in the event, and so on - and there are no redos," says Zivanovic. "Typically, several people must manage all the different systems, solutions, and steps, and those people are located within a physical facility. We designed NXT-MCR so that live events could achieve the entire process on one screen, from anywhere in the world, without requiring our clients to invest in a single piece of hardware."

NXT-MCR eliminates the burden of connecting to various systems through different remote control interface applications combining a one-stop UI, easy to learn and operate, that can reduce the manpower required for productions by 50 percent.

The benefits of NXT-MCR are already being realized by some major live sports events. Those benefits include

  • Increased flexibility. The remote automation software ties back to the Nextologies cloud infrastructure, where all of the hardware and software are located. This frees the operator from being tied to any location, allowing them to be located inside the OB van, production truck, or they could be sitting at a station a thousand miles away from where the devices are with virtually zero latency.
  • Visibility. NXT-MCR allows the operator to monitor the health of the signal in one screen and, because the software is built into Nextologies’ Control Panel, to switch signals without leaving that screen.
  • Lower operator cost. Because NXT-MCR allows one operator to run multiple pieces of hardware remotely, fewer people are required to run each live event.
  • No cap-ex investment. NXT-MCR is a fully managed service, employing Nextologies infrastructure, hardware, and software, as well as the operator required to run the event. In an era of unprecedented hiring challenges, that is sure to be a key benefit.

You can read more about NXT-MCR on TV Tech’s website, in their regular newsletter and other promotional channels from the brand in the coming weeks.