10TX and UFC Evolve Live Event Signal Delivery in Las Vegas

10TX and UFC Evolve Live Event Signal Delivery in Las Vegas

10TX by Nextologies assisted UFC in a 12-path REMI, live from the MGM Grand Garden Arena back to UFC APEX’s Broadcast Operations Center (BOC) and out to the world. 10TX used their Las Vegas-based AirXFiber system, along with Nextologies’ ultra-low latency edge appliances, to provide audio, video, and data to and from UFC APEX/MGM Grand Garden Arena over the wireless fiber connectivity.

Using AirXFiber and Nextologies’ Qframe encoding/decoding solution, 10TX is able to achieve as low as 150 millisecond round trip transmission latency. UFC production crew, utilizing the tier one UFC APEX BOC, were able to achieve a ~400 millisecond round trip REMI production that included 20 total signal flows (12 primary and 8 active secondary). This workflow allowed the crew to deliver flawless content effortlessly between UFC APEX BOC and the MGM Grand Garden Arena.

UFC APEX partners with 10TX to maximize the usage of the BOC while the event space can be located at top tier venues on and off the Las Vegas Strip. 10TX provides a more robust solution than conventional delivery methods, as UFC production benefits from more signals, lower latency, and the ability to effectively bring Vegas-based remote locations in house.

"10TX managed and operated the Nextologies end-to-end solution using AirXFiber wireless transport, low-latency Qframe video encoding and decoding, and networking tunnels for communications and tally, which provided UFC with a REMI solution delivered by one vendor who could handle all of their needs," says Keith Valeri, CEO, 10TX. "It’s an exciting opportunity to work with UFC to provide a solution that centralizes production and reduces costs."

"With the 10TX team on premises at UFC APEX, we have access to an onsite solution that can help us solve challenges with technology and take advantage of new opportunities as they arise," says Tim O’Toole, Senior Vice President, Event Production. "This is a major evolution, and we’re proud to be setting the path for the future of remote broadcasting. But more importantly, we are excited to offer producers of all events in Las Vegas the same opportunity to benefit from our facility and this advanced solution."

In Q4 of 2023, 10TX/Nextologies opened a Network Operations Center (NOC) at UFC APEX, allowing UFC APEX and 10TX team to offer innovative broadcast solutions for other productions.

"Our AirXFiber network can cover upwards of 50 miles + radius from the Las Vegas strip, which opens up a wide range of possibilities for events that want to evolve and expand their signal delivery," says Sasha Zivanovic, CEO Nextologies. "10TX can now enable tier one quality for any event, as well as virtually limitless production and remote options."