Technology Partners PSSI and Nextologies break new ground to bring Top Rank boxing back to international viewers

Technology Partners PSSI and Nextologies break new ground to bring Top Rank boxing back to international viewers

Top Rank returns using innovative solutions designed and engineered by PSSI and Nextologies

Top Rank has returned to television screens for the first time since the pandemic began, and to meet the challenges of live broadcasting in the world of COVID-19, the boxing promoter enlisted the help of PSSI Global Services to provide a full complement of traditional and IP-based transmission services for Top Rank's series of live fights from the MGM Grand in Las Vegas and has accomplished several industry firsts in the process.

PSSI enlisted Nextologies to provide equipment to deliver the primary pathways via IP transport. Despite the obstacles created by COVID-19, and in order to facilitate a seamless broadcast, PSSI and Nextologies staff are providing both on-site engineering services and off-site monitoring and management.

This collaboration between PSSI, Nextologies and Top Rank marks not only the first all-IP origination for a major boxing event, but also the first IP live international distribution to several countries. To help minimize the overall on-site presence of talent and staff, PSSI, in close partnership with Nextologies, also engineered a solution to integrate ringside commentary remotely over a customized IP network.

"We are so pleased that we have been able to stage the first two of many 'studio shows' live from the MGM in Las Vegas," said Top Rank Chief Operating Officer, Brad Jacobs. "Our primary objective is to present events with the safety, health and well-being of everyone on the ground in Las Vegas in the forefront, and we have accomplished that goal. Our next priority is to deliver a terrific-looking program to our fans watching across the globe. We are thrilled as always to partner with PSSI to deliver the signals worldwide in new and exciting ways."

For each fight, PSSI has been generating an IP feed to Paragon Media, where the company's engineering team is on-site providing two-way remote ringside commentary services. A separate feed goes to a Nextologies server for IP distribution to several worldwide broadcast partners. This approach builds on the company's longstanding international satellite distribution model, expanding Top Rank's reach and flexibility.