Nextologies Limited Hires Steve Cadden
as SVP Sales

Nextologies Limited Hires Steve Cadden as SVP Sales

Continues to Expand Globally Setting New Industry Benchmarks

Custom end-to-end Video Broadcast Services provider Nextologies Limited today announced the hiring of Steve Cadden as SVP Sales. Cadden is a B2B sales leader with more than 35 years of experience in the satellite and communications industry.

Based out of Norwalk Connecticut, Cadden will be responsible for developing new accounts worldwide, managing the uplink and transmission clientele, and translating the company's business objectives into sales strategies that drive revenue for Nextologies' assortment of bespoke services.

"Having worked closely with the amazing folks at Nextologies these past 2 years, I am pleased to be joining a company whose product and technology goes beyond the simple distribution model," said Cadden. "With the changes happening at the Federal Communications Commission (FCC) regarding distribution over satellite and spectrum sharing with the 5G community, the Nextologies portfolio is ideally suited for broadcasters and cable programmers looking for customized solutions from the simple to the complex."

"We're very excited to have Steve join our family. His skill set, depth of experience in the industry, and database will complement our growing team of seasoned sales executives worldwide," said Sasha Zivanovic, CEO. "Steve's experience will bring an unsurpassed dimension to the services we provide because of his technical expertise in the satellite space. He will play a key role to introducing Nextologies' cutting-edge IP and 1Mhz satellite technology services to clients looking to find alternative, reliable, cost-effective and high-quality broadcasting solutions."

Previously, Cadden spent a combined 30 years at Intelsat (and PanAmSat pre-acquisition in 2006) in media sales, where he managed key global accounts providing telecommunication solutions for video, voice and data services.