Nextologies' services consist of full-time point-to-point or point-to-multipoint video networks, typically interconnecting TV production, aggregation and distribution centers.

Based on Nextologies' proprietary transport equipment, the Network is designed to handle multi-service video and media applications, ASI and SDI (HD/SD), video transport, as well as IP transport on ethernet networks.

Nextologies' hardware was specially designed for the broadcast industry. The proprietary DaVinci software has the ability to send a program or transport stream around the world twice, before it would ever experience packet loss. The hardware also has the ability to transmit signal without the need for decoding the encrypted a signal.

This, in turn, allows for 100% security of any protected video. Nextologies' hardware is also a transcoder. Not only does it send video globally, it can prepare your content for IPTV and send it to distribution networks for online/OTT distribution.

Nextologies' hardware are the only plug and play all-in-one devices that currently exist. Simply plug the Nextologies hardware into an Internet connection, and our NOC will be notified to handle the rest. With the remote management and monitoring software, you can feel at ease with Nextologies on duty. The Nextologies network can replicate your signal to create a point to multipoint delivery solution while keeping the cost of delivery low, without having the need to set up individual single connections from our facility.