Nextologies' Official COVID-19 Response

Dear Customers,

In the past few months, the accelerated spread of the COVID-19 pandemic and associated governmental measures, have had a significant impact on the everyday life of all of us. Nextologies is taking all necessary precautions to further help slow "community spread" of the virus, by implementing new policies and procedures for the safety of our staff, customers and communities.

Nextologies' Executive team is closely monitoring the situation daily to ensure proper preparedness, so that business can continue seamlessly. At this time, none of our operations have been impacted by the outbreak.

Recently, the Government of Canada declared a state of emergency mandating all non-essential businesses to temporarily shut down. However, Nextologies' services were deemed as "essential", so we are legally permitted to remain open.

In the rare case that we must close our business operations and go into full-isolation sometime in the future, please be assured that Nextologies' proprietary technology enables us to have complete secured control of our entire infrastructure remotely, enabling us to remain fully-operational. We also have procedures in place that would allow us to operate all sites unmanned for up to 30 days.

Precautionary Measures Being Taken

Nextologies' Executive team has decided that all non-essential Nextologies personnel will work remotely from home until November 1, 2020 or until Canada's Public Health Officer advises.

All essential technical staff are continuing to perform their on-site duties 24/7, with new policies in place on practicing physical distancing, increased hand washing and enhanced sanitation of all work surfaces.


We are asking that our customers be aware of the following restrictions at our Markham headquarters. This has been implemented for the benefit of all customers and staff:

  • Anyone who may have been exposed to the COVID-19 virus via a family member, colleague or other contact is not permitted to visit our facility without a minimum 14-day self-isolation
  • Any persons that have travelled recently must have completed the mandatory 14-day quarantine and have since remained clear of infection (as per Canada's new legal mandate), before they can enter our facility
  • Any persons suffering or have suffered symptoms of COVID-19 will be denied entry into our facilities unless and until they have been deemed clear of infection for a minimum of 14 days by a Doctor.

Supply Network

Nextologies will continue to monitor the impact to its supply network. Currently, we don't foresee any issues with fulfilment times for the deployment of equipment. That being said, we ask that customers be proactive in discussing their requirements with us, so that we can ensure our proprietary hardware is ready for shipping ahead of schedule to alleviate any potential delays.

Nextologies will continue to update all our customers with relevant and timely information via email updates, as well as social media posts.

Should you need to update your contact information, or for any assistance, please contact the Nextologies MCR at or directly at +1-416-650-6336.

Stay safe everyone and please practice physical distancing, enhanced hygiene and self-isolation! The sooner we all follow these guidelines, the faster we can stop this pandemic together. Our hearts go out to all that have been affected.

Best regards,

Nextologies' Executive Team