Our playout facility helps with originating and manipulating content to your specific needs.The Nextologies Transmission, Distribution and Content Delivery Network (CDN), for IPTV and linear television broadcasts, gets your channel or content around the world in the shortest amount of time, at the most competitive rates, while assuring the best quality of service. Using our custom solution for automated playout, we have the ability to provide a full 24/7, 365 channel playout from a file based solution.

Commercial Insertion

Nextologies master control and playout operators have the ability to insert commercial spots and programming into any of our content partners live channels ensuring your schedule stays accurate and profitable.

Time shifting

Using our custom designed time shifting module, we can time shift your signal 24+ hours and into multiple timezones.


The UFTP software was designed in-house to solve issue that out content contribution had when sending content from around the world. This software can compensate for latency and speed issue that are derived when transmitting data via the internet.Our software can maximize up ti 95% of your internet connectivity to increase the speed at which files are transmitted.

Custom Solutions

Nextologies takes pride in our ability to build custom OTT, RTMP, HLS and streaming solutions for our own broadcasting needs. We, in turn, Pass this on to our customers and offer custom solutions that would not necessarily be available or would otherwise be too expensive to purchase.